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Where’s Your North Node


Unlike the other aspects of your birth chart, your North Node is not a celestial body. Your North and South Nodes are the points where the Moon's orbit and the plane of the ecliptic converge during the time you were born. Together, they tell the story of your soul's journey through every life you've lived so far. Think of it this way: Your South Node is who you were in your past while your North Node is who you were meant to become in this life.
At North Node Sanctuary we provide a safe Space for all looking to learn, grow, and express a Higher version of themselves. We offer a weekly tea service, host a monthly Holistic Market and an array of
Creative Healing Experiences.

This Space was created by NU and OA. We'll tell you more about us when we get the chance to meet.

Be Present

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2001 S Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75215, USA

(214) 299-3538

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